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iTree Group and VORAS Consulting are proud to offer a fully automated
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26 March 2018

Version 1.2 Released

We're happy to announce release of Version 1.2 of the EUgrc GDPR Compliance Suite. This version brings our users a fully updated user interface, an improved risk dashboard, easier navigation and many other front and back-end improvements. This update is delivered free of charge to existing users as part of our commitment to giving you the best product possible.


23 March 2018

Value-added reseller training workshop
3 April 2018

To support our partners in the Baltic States, we're running a training workshop for our value-added resellers and resellers, in cooperation with our distributor TD Baltic. This event will take place on 3rd April 2018 in Vilnius and will cover data privacy techniques, the GDPR and our product's functionality.  For more information, please contact us at

EUgrc GDPR Compliance Suite Main Features


Manage your Personal Data Sets

Inventory all of your data sets containing Personally Identifiable Information, match them to Supporting Assets and Actors, ensure GDPR compliance with appropriate controls. All in a wizard-based step-by-step system.

You'll be able to quickly log not only your data, but also the business purpose and legal basis for processing, and be sure that you're in compliance with the requirements of the GDPR. 


Manage Actors and Assets

Easily inventory all Data Controllers, Data Processors, Data Providers and Data Recipients. Once entered into the system, these actors can be clearly mapped to the data sets they handle. 

You use software, hardware, networks, people, paper and processes to handle your data sets. Inventory it all. Match it with data sets. And, ensure that proper controls are in place. 

Control profiles are pre-loaded to help you in this process. Just answer a few questions, check the pre-loaded data and you'll have enough information about your assets for the EUgrc COMPLai engine to do an automated Risk Analysis.


Manage Risk 

The EUgrc COMPLai engine automatically conducts privacy impact and risk assessments. You choose your risk threshold, the system automatically recommends which controls need to be implemented to get those risks under control.

One click generates an Implementation plan, which can be exported into your task management system.

COMPLai Engine

The EUgrc COMPLai  Engine is an expert system based on hundreds of live consulting projects and loaded with the requirements of the
- ISO/IEC 29134 Guidelines for privacy impact assessment,
- ISO/IEC 29151 Information technology - Security techniques - Code of practice for personally identifiable information protection,
- and the ISO/IEC 27000 series Information security management systems.

This self-learning expert system is constantly updated with the latest security techniques, risks and threats and its advanced algorithms deliver the same level of service you would receive from hiring a team of experienced data privacy and information security experts.


All data is secured through state of the art firewalls, encryption both at the connection and database levels, hosted in a secure and insured Tier III data centre with redundant servers.

Our data layer leverages the security and stability of the world leader in database technologies - Oracle® Database 12c.

Up to Date

The COMPLai  Engine learns.  New privacy and security risks, threats, standards and approaches are constantly loaded into its algorithms to ensure our system "knows more" than the average information security and data privacy consultant.


  • Our solution currently advises you on the EU GDPR.  Future releases will fully automate ISO/IEC 27000 series compliance with a certification guarantee.

Managing Personal Data Sets

Your organisation collects, uses and transfers sets of personally identifiable information (PII).

For each of these data sets, the GDPR requires not only a clear definition of the data, but also a clear legal basis for the processing of that information, a documented business purpose, information about the data subjects, identification of controls, mapping of the data set to specific actors, assignment of a data protection officer and more.


Making it Easier

Our COMPLai Engine comes pre-loaded with templates for the most common personally identifiable information data sets used in e-commerce, government, health care, services, industry and other organisations.

These pre-loaded profiles include not only typical descriptions of the data set itself, but also suggestions on the business uses, legal basis according to the GDPR and controls applied to the data set.

This saves you time in cataloging your PIIs.


Keeping it Safe

Each PII profile helps you identify if the data contained in that data set is considered highly sensitive under the new regulation.

Questions guide you in identifying if you're in compliance with the requirements of the regulation and if you've applied appropriate controls.


Impact Assessment

The COMPLai  Engine's expert algorithms work behind the scenes to conduct a privacy impact assessment for your data sets.  This is combined with information about Assets and Actors to generate a Risk Assessment for each data set.


Bridge the Gaps

After the impact and risk assessment and your informed choice about which risks to treat or accept, you'll get a clear and concise implementation plan.

As you progress with implementing missing controls and dealing with compliance issues, you'll see the risk levels for your PIIs decrease on your dashboard.


Managing Actors and Assets


 Register all Actors

EUgrc allows you to register all Data Controllers, Data Processors, Data Providers and Data Recipients in one place.

Once registered, you can easily map those actors to the specific personally identifiable data sets they work with.

Wizards and questions help you ensure that all appropriate controls are in place to keep your data safe, regardless of which actor is using it.


Register all Assets

Every organisation uses different assets in handling personal data.  Keeping this inventory up to date and making sure that all appropriate controls are in place for each of those assets is challenging.

EUgrc makes this easier.  

Our COMPLai Engine comes pre-loaded with asset profiles, showing the controls that organisations typically use.  Just review the pre-loaded information, make needed edits and you're ready to go!


Manage Relationships

EUgrc makes matching your Actors and Assets to specific personal data sets easier.  

This means you won't have to keep separate notes about who does what with which data using which asset.


Managing Risk

EUgrc lets you understand risks to the security and privacy of your data and make informed choices about which risks you'll treat, and those that you choose to accept.

Our COMPLai Engine is your personal data privacy and information security consultant - available to you online 24 hours a day.


You choose your risk threshold

You decide what level of risks to review and which types of risks to automatically accept.

This saves you time and allows you to concentrate on taking steps which will have the greatest impact on ensuring your data privacy and security.

You can adjust your risk threshold at any time and see that decision's impact on your Risk Assessment.


Make informed choices

Our automated risk assessment gives you a clear understanding of the risks and threats associated with specific assets and personal data sets.  This Assessment includes a Privacy Impact Assessment score for each PII.

Each risk is assigned a risk level, based on real-world experience and the requirements of relevant ISO/IEC standards.

Easily understandable screens allow you to make informed choices about the risks you need to treat, and those that you choose to accept.


Make the change happen

The system automatically generates an implementation plan for missing controls and resolving compliance issues.

Assign due dates and tasks to members of your team.

Export the plan to your organisation's task management system or PDF.


See your progress

Progress is tracked on the Implementation Plan.  

As you move forward, you can see changes to your risk levels both on your dashboard and in the detailed screens of your Risk Assessment.

EUgrc Roadmap

Our product is evolving to serve you better.  Here are a few things we have in the works:


EUgrc is currently available in English, Lithuanian and French.

The following language packs will be available in 2018:

German (DE) ,German (CH)

Support for iOS and Android tablets

Release 1.2.1., due out in early April, adds support for Android and iOS tablets.  This improvement is based on requests from our users in the UK and USA and is part of our commitment to listening to our users and acting on their suggestions.  

ISO 27000 series Compliance Engine

Our next big release will offer automated ISO 27000 series compliance with a certification guarantee.

This service pack will be available as a separate subscription.

III Q 2018

EU GDPR enforcement starts in


  • per month, billed yearly for the first year. Applicable VAT not included.
  • 1 user and 1 location
  • 6 Personal Data Sets
  • 6 Actors
  • Document Generation Not Included


  • per month, billed yearly for the first year. Applicable VAT not included.
  • 1 user and 1 location
  • Unlimited Personal Data Sets
  • Unlimited Actors
  • Automated Compliance Document Generation
  • 2 hours Online On-Boarding 


Ask for Quote
  • Unlimited Users and Unlimited Locations (useful for multi-site or companies with subsidiaries)
  • Unlimited Personal Data Sets
  • Unlimited Actors
  • Automatic Compliance Document Generation
  • Bundled consulting services either on-site at your location or remotely.
  • Pricing depends on number of users & locations and any bundled services you choose to include.

Free Trial

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Free Limited Time Trial

If you wish to try our product, you are welcome to send us an email to by clicking the button below.   

We will create a user for you on our DEMO environment that will be valid for one hour from the time of first login, allowing you to navigate the system and try its functions.  

When requesting access, please let us know when you plan on using the DEMO environment. If you have any questions, we'll be happy to answer them for you.

During the free trial, please do not enter any real information in the system.  Anything you do enter will be automatically deleted once your one hour access window ends.

Generation of compliance documentation is disabled in the trial version.

About EUgrc

EUgrc is brought to you by a consortium of iTree Group and VORAS Consulting.


VORAS Consulting

VORAS Consulting works with organisations worldwide in ensuring information security, compliance, data privacy and prevention of Cyber Attacks.

Over 100 successful projects delivered in the EU, United Kingdom and the United States of America attest to our experience.

The VORAS team's experience and knowledge is attested to by numerous CISSP, ISSMP, CISM, CISA, CGEIT, CRISC, PMP, OSCP, CEH and LPT certifications.

Our information security management system is certified by Bureau Veritas as compliant with ISO/IEC 27001 and our IT Service Management System is certified as compliant with ISO/IEC 20000, as well.

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iTree Group

The iTree Group family of companies deliver enterprise technology solutions for the insurance, financial services, utilities, energy, oil & gas, and, the public sector.

Solutions include data security, data privacy, Oracle ERP and core P&C insurance system implementation, custom development on Oracle DB and Java, system support and maintenance, and, productivity engineering.

iTree is a Platinum level Worldwide Oracle partner with 16 Oracle-awarded specialisations and we serve our customers through a wide network of offices.

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Sales Channels

The EUgrc GDPR Compliance Suite is available directly through this website, on the Oracle Cloud Marketplace, or through one of our resellers, value added resellers or distributors.


If you wish to become a reseller or value-added reseller in the Baltic States, please contact our exclusive distributor TD Baltic.

TD Baltic AS
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Some of our resellers in other countries include:

iTree Poland

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VORAS Consulting Ltd.
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VORAS Consulting Ltd.
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Become a Reseller or
Value Added Reseller

If you wish to become our reseller or value-added reseller outside of the Baltic States, please contact us.

Value added resellers are typically information security or data privacy consulting organisations who use our products to provide services to their customers.

Special pricing levels, on-boarding support, marketing materials and local service packages are available.

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Compatibility and System Requirements

EUgrc GDPR Compliance Suite is a Software-as-a-Service application. Access to the software is via our cloud servers and requires no local installation of software.

You must use a currently supported version of Microsoft® Windows®, MacOS® or Linux.   While it is possible to access EUgrc GDPR Compliance Suite with mobile devices, screens are optimised for full screen use on desktop and notebook computers.  A tablet and smartphone optimised version may be released at some point in the future.

Please note that no versions of Microsoft® Internet Explorer are supported by EUgrc.

We recommend using current versions of Google Chrome™, Safari™ or Firefox® as your web browser.

If you choose to use two factor authentication with Google Authenticator to protect your account, you'll need a mobile phone with a supported version of Android or iOS.

EUgrc GDPR Compliance Suite is also available on the Oracle Cloud Marketplace and is Oracle Database Cloud, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, and Oracle Compute Classic Cloud Ready.


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Law enforcement requests and related things to protect you and us

In the course of actions by or an investigation by a competent legal authority, where we believe that data disclosure (including Personal Data) is needed to comply with laws or requests by a competent government authority, or to protect the security and integrity of our product(s), or to protect our customers and us from harm, we will disclose data as legally permissible.

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Data Security and Geolocation
Cross Border Transfers
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We take all reasonable steps to make sure that our systems and your data and content is safe, but no systems are 100% safe from hacking.
You may have specific obligations to your partners and customers and third parties in terms of the specific security measures taken to protect their data, which may form part of your Content in our Software-as-a-Service products. We are not responsible nor guarantee that the security measures taken to protect your Content will meet the requirements placed upon you by any other party.
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Data Retention
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